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Small Speaker, Big Sound
Nano Boom - Delivering Pocket-Sized Power 
& Unparalleled Audio Quality
<h5><b style=""><font color="#8e76e9">Small Speaker,</font><font color="#b1f041"> </font><font color="#000000">Big Sound</font></b></h5>
  • Remarkable Audio Quality: Delivers clear, high fidelity sound
    despite its compact size
  • Extended Battery Life: Efficient energy usage ensures hours
    of non-stop music on a single charge.
  • Sturdy and Durable Design: Built to last with premium materials
    that can endure even the occasional mishap.
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With Nano Boom, We're Shaping the Future of Portable Speakers.

Nano Boom delivers a rich, vibrant sound experience that defies its size. Whether you're hosting a get-together, hitting the beach, or just chilling at home, it provides the perfect soundtrack of every moment.





Long Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery

Water Proof

Water Proof

Embrace the BeatEmbrace the Beat
Embrace the Beat

Each Nano Boom speaker delivers clear, full-range sound that brings your music to life. Whether you're enjoying a chill evening with soothing melodies or hosting a party with upbeat tracks, Nano Boom adjusts to fit your mood perfectly.

Sound in your Palm
Sound in your Palm

The Nano Boom speaker not only promises rich, immersive sound, but it also guarantees an impressive battery life. The USB rechargeable battery will keep your favorite tunes playing for hours on end!
Seamless ConnectivitySeamless Connectivity
Seamless Connectivity

Nano Boom's design goes beyond compact and sleek - it's effortlessly functional. Whether you're syncing to your phone at home or connecting to your laptop at a coffee shop, its robust Bluetooth compatibility ensures a seamless, hassle-free connection.

Nano Boom  is the Leader in
Compact, High-Quality, and Powerful Speakers

Turn Up the Fun

Nano Boom is the tiny speaker with a big attitude. Its compact design allows you to take it anywhere, turning every situation into a mini concert. Have it in your pocket during a hiking adventure or place it in the center while chilling at a backyard BBQ - Nano Boom ensures a party is never far away. 

Its robust battery life keeps up with your energetic rhythm, providing non-stop beats that keep the fun rolling. No more worrying about your speaker dying in the middle of your favorite song!

Solid Build, Big Sound

We've engineered the Nano Boom to do more than just blend in. Its sleek design might catch your eye, but its sound will captivate your ears. Despite its compact size, it pumps out tunes with an impressive quality that fills the room, proving that great things do come in small packages. 

Operation is simple and intuitive, thanks to the one-button control system. No more fiddling around with a confusing interface - with Nano Boom, you'll spend less time adjusting and more time dancing.

Soundtrack To Your Life

With Nano Boom, the beat goes on... and on. It turns your daily routine into a lively soundtrack, keeping your spirits high whether you're cooking dinner, working out, or simply taking a break with a good book. 

Sturdy and durable, Nano Boom is designed to keep pace with your dynamic lifestyle. Its long-lasting battery ensures you're never left in silence, serving up your favorite tunes whenever you need them. It's more than just a speaker - it's a daily companion that makes every moment a little more vibrant.

More Cutting Edge Features!
  • Ultra-Compact Design
    Despite its size, Nano Boom delivers big on sound. Carry it anywhere, anytime!
  • Powerful Audio
    Nano Boom boasts incredible audio quality, packing a punch way above its weight class.
  • Robust Battery Life
    Enjoy hours of continuous playtime. Nano Boom's battery keeps the party going.
  • Durable Construction
    Crafted with high-quality materials, Nano Boom can withstand daily wear and tear.
  • One-Button Operation
    A simple, easy-to-use interface makes operating Nano Boom a breeze.
  • Bluetooth 5
    Stream wirelessly with the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted audio.
  • Water-Resistant
    IPX6 rating allows Nano Boom to weather splashes and spills, perfect for pool parties or beach trips.
  • Built-in Mic
    Switch between songs and calls effortlessly, with clear and stable communication.
  • Quick Charging
    Get back to your music quickly with Nano Boom's fast-charging capability.
  • Eco-friendly Materials
    Committed to sustainability, we've designed Nano Boom using environmentally friendly materials.

Customer Reviews

Discover Why 12 K + Customers Love the Nano Boom
Customer reviews

Verified Reviews


Lyle H. - Florida

Wanted a way to listen to music while wandering around the house and garden doing chores. I like to sing along sometimes, so earbuds won't do. Around the neck things are cool, but expensive and not safe or practical in some cases (working with power tools).
This thing is perfect! So small I don't even hang it on my person via the case - I simply carry it in my pants pocket! Amazing sound and volume for the size, AND the price.

Mary R. - Arkansas

It's a little powerful speaker with a useful case to carry it with you.
In the right place you'll get a perfect and crystal sound and delightful bass.
I've been loving it.

Blake R. - California

I have had this speaker for about 2 years and works great, with deep bass, and has very good mids and highs. The battery charges fast and last for several hours. I am waiting for bigger speakers with this technology.


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What is the size of the NanoBoom Bluetooth speaker?
The NanoBoom Bluetooth speaker is incredibly compact, roughly the size of an egg. It's perfect for taking anywhere.
How loud is the NanoBoom speaker?
Despite its small size, the NanoBoom speaker houses a custom-made high-performance 3W neodymium driver, which delivers a loud, balanced sound that can easily fill any room.
How is the bass performance of the NanoBoom?
NanoBoom features a passive radiator within its small frame. This innovative technology allows it to produce deep, comfortable bass, defying the typical limitations of small-sized speakers.
What material is the NanoBoom made of?
The NanoBoom is made with metal materials, which makes it both durable and sleek.
How does the NanoBoom connect to my device?
The NanoBoom is compatible with most Bluetooth devices. It can connect to your iPhon, iPad, smartphone and most other devices, and it auto-matches with the device you last used.
Does the NanoBoom speaker come with any accessories?
Yes, the NanoBoom speaker comes with a hard case that not only protects the speaker but also allows it to play music when inside. A metal hook is also included, allowing you to hang the speaker to your bag or bike for convenience.
How long does the battery of the NanoBoom speaker last?
The NanoBoom features a built-in rechargeable battery that ensures up to 8 hours of playtime when set to 50% volume. It can be fully recharged in just 2 hours with the included micro USB cable.
How do I control playback on the NanoBoom speaker?
The NanoBoom speaker keeps it simple with one button. You can play or pause with one click, play the next track with two clicks, and play the previous track with three clicks.
What is the level of water resistance in the Nano Boom?
The Nano Boom boasts IPX67 water resistance.

Small Speaker, Big Sound

Nano Boom - Delivering Pocket-Sized Power and Unparalleled Audio Quality


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