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What is the size of the NanoBoom Bluetooth speaker?

The NanoBoom Bluetooth speaker is incredibly compact, roughly the size of an egg. It's perfect for taking anywhere.

How loud is the NanoBoom speaker?

Despite its small size, the NanoBoom speaker houses a custom-made high-performance 3W neodymium driver, which delivers a loud, balanced sound that can easily fill any room.

How is the bass performance of the NanoBoom?

NanoBoom features a passive radiator within its small frame. This innovative technology allows it to produce deep, comfortable bass, defying the typical limitations of small-sized speakers.

What material is the NanoBoom made of?

The NanoBoom is made with metal materials, which makes it both durable and sleek.

How does the NanoBoom connect to my device?

The NanoBoom is compatible with most Bluetooth devices. It can connect to your iPhon, iPad, smartphone and most other devices, and it auto-matches with the device you last used.

Does the NanoBoom speaker come with any accessories?

Yes, the NanoBoom speaker comes with a hard case that not only protects the speaker but also allows it to play music when inside. A metal hook is also included, allowing you to hang the speaker to your bag or bike for convenience.

How long does the battery of the NanoBoom speaker last?

The NanoBoom features a built-in rechargeable battery that ensures up to 8 hours of playtime when set to 50% volume. It can be fully recharged in just 2 hours with the included micro USB cable.

How do I control playback on the NanoBoom speaker?

The NanoBoom speaker keeps it simple with one button. You can play or pause with one click, play the next track with two clicks, and play the previous track with three clicks.